Idaho Office Water Coolers

PURE WATER SOLUTIONS: The Future of Drinking Water!

If you run a business, chances are you have a lot of thirsty employees. Don't they deserve the very best hydration options? At Hydrate Your Office, we offer Idaho a wide range of water and ice equipment. No matter the size or hydration needs of your business, we have something for your Idaho office.

Most water coolers aren't enough!

Our office coolers use a nine-stage purification process, ensuring the purest water possible. Our purification process only allows pure water through the .0001 micron membrane. The comprehensive filters remove all lead, mercury, pharmaceuticals, and other harmful materials from your water supply.

USE PURE WATER SOLUTIONS for a Healthier, More Efficient Workplace

We distribute Wellsys because their products fit a variety of needs and applications in diverse offices. Each water purification system is equipped with advanced LG technology and employs the previously mentioned nine-stage purification process. This advanced system not only eliminates contaminates through a state-of-the art reverse osmosis or an ultrafine purification process, but it also adds nutrients to the water that enhance your body's ability to hydrate. This revolutionary filtration process sanitizes every last drop of water that passes through it. Our office water coolers will also balance the water's pH levels.

All of these features are in place to make sure your water supply is the healthiest it can be.

Office Water Cooler Options

All of our office water coolers for sale in Idaho use advanced filtration and purification technology to create perfect drinking water. The main differences between machines is capacity and whether or not they can create ice.