Providing Office Water Dispensers & Coolers for Nevada

Pure Water Solutions sells the best office water coolers and ice machines available in Nevada. That's a bold claim, but it's backed up by our machines' performance and customers' satisfaction. Don't keep using your bottle water cooler for another day. Instead, call Pure Water Solutions to try our unparalleled water and ice machines for Nevada-area businesses and homes. Whether you have five employees, 50, or 500, we will set you up with the equipment you need to keep your employees well hydrated, happy, and productive. Learn why more and more offices are switching to the best water dispensers for offices by calling us today. Once you taste the water, your current office water cooler just won't cut it anymore.

What's the secret to our water coolers' unrivaled water purification? The nine-stage filtration process that every drop of water passes through before filling your cup, stripping it of impurities to reveal the water's pure taste. Our water coolers remove all contaminants from your Nevada office's drinking water. This includes trace chemicals and pharmaceuticals, heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, and mercury, and other impurities such as sediment, along with 99.9% of bacteria. It's not that complicated. Clean water is simply better looking, better tasting, and better for you.

Isn't it about time to replace your office's middling water dispensers with the best water coolers and ice machines? Read on to learn why companies all across Utah and Nevada are switching to equipment from Pure Water Solutions, and join them today.


PURE WATER SOLUTIONS PROVIDED the Best Water Coolers for Sale in Nevada

We provide a few models of office water dispensers to bring clean, pure water to offices in Nevada and the surrounding areas. Each model of water cooler is designed for different needs and office sizes, based on the number of employees who will use the water cooler. In addition to a water dispenser, our larger machines have built-in ice dispensers. To discuss your options and choose the model of water dispenser that is right for your office, call Pure Water Solutions today.