lambo bottleless water coolers with and without stand


We’ve turned the WOW factor up to 10 with the Lambo bottleless water and ice machine. The Lambo is the first pebble Ice System that has hot water, so your teams can always stay hydrated, no matter how their beverage temperature preferences. This sturdy and reliable office water cooler is designed to satiate the thirst of up to 50 employees, and of course, it includes our Exclusive Purification/Filtration Process. The Lambo is truly one of a kind and is the best way to Hydrate Your Life.

  • SafeTouch surface with silver ion antimicrobial technology
  • Combination ice maker and water dispenser
  • Ice production up to 125 pounds per day
  • LED UV helps keep the water reservoir clean
  • Drainless technology allows freedom of placement
  • Refined Touch-Sensor Buttons
  • Elegant Design
  • Contemporary Color
  • Only 17.5” high – fits under most cabinets
  • Safety Function
  • Large Capacity
  • Clean Fresh Taste
  • Certified by IAPMO according to NSF/ANSI 372
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